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[METHOD] How to earn a monthly minimum of $500 with reddit


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Sep 4, 2022
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In it I will talk about the system where you will get automatic earnings using applications such as python, reddit, telegram and discord. I have been using it flawlessly for more than 1 year.

❗All you have to do is follow the Steps carefully.

Used programs
Excel (where we will keep the data)
Thonny (python program)
Desktop telegram application.
The desktop discord application.

I discovered the system by a reddit user I've been following for a while now. He's making huge money with a bot. The thousand dollars I'm talking about here will be an ear for him.

Let me briefly talk about the operation performed;

The content we have obtained from several telegram channels. https://publisher.linkvertise.com/ac/162827 using the named site, we turn it into a short link. In order to access these links in users, they have to watch linkvertise's ads. In this system, publisher, that is, allows content publishers to earn a considerable amount of money.

How do we do those who have not used link shortening services before? those who are worried about how we will get on top. Like tell trowel don't worry I'll tell you.

I will give step-by-step visual explanations if you apply this part completely. The system works flawlessly.

❗The cost, by the way, as Dec, is just the effort spent and the electricity bill.

My achievements :
Here are my recent earnings -> https://i.hizliresim.com/szvspbi.jpg

My average daily earnings - > https://i.hizliresim.com/elgnzxs.jpg
this is written as $587 in my monthly earnings.

Deccount: https://www.hizliresim.com/e5fxfjt


A thousand dollars a month has increased to an average of 2200-2300 dollars for the time being.
The Telegram bot continues the same.
Editing has arrived on Reddit and a different system is now being used.

New Reddit python codes- > https://pastecanyon.com/CR2YBy7uoE

Here is the user for Reddit.create xls
-> username on the first line
-> enter the password on the second line
-> api id on the third line
-> api secret will come to the fourth line.

İçeriği reddit kullanıcı profilinde paylaşabilir ve onun bağlantısıyla karıştırdığınız justetext.com yorumunu ekleyebilirsiniz. sonra reddit profilinde "Daha Fazla Seçenek" butonu var, oradan "Profil moderasyonu"na tıklıyoruz. En altta "Spam'i İncele" var, üzerine tıklayıp içeriğimizi onaylıyoruz.

sonra teknemizi çalıştırıyoruz.

Sistemin ilk meyveleri


FİYAT: 40$
Emanet Kullanabilirim
TELEGRAM: bokmuvarhe