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FullsNameBot. Auto sale bot Full Info.


New member
Sep 11, 2022
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Good day to all forum members!
I represent the bot auto sales Full Info!
The bot is as simple as possible to use, it has several parameters by which you can choose exactly the product that you need (more in the FAQ).
The boat is already available, and will be added in the future, full information from different bases and in different formats, but all the necessary data will be present in any case.
Each user, when registering in the bot, creates a personal account with a personal account that you can replenish yourself for any amount and continue to make purchases from this balance. Top-up in btc at the exchange rate of coinbase.com exchange and may slightly differ from the rate of your exchange / btc wallet up or down.

Telegram bot contact:
https : //t.me/FullsNameBot

[Full Info]

Section in which you can choose the options best suited to your needs.
Age - Holder age. At the moment, these are ranges 18-30; 31-40; 41-60 and 61+;
State - Holder State of residence;
Gender - Holder gender (M / F);
Full info + DL - Full Info with real DL (Driver License) number of the holder;
Full info + BA (Rn An) - Full info with the data of the bank account (Bank Account) of the holder. Only Routing number and Account number, username and password from online no bank;
Full info by Credit Card - Full info from bank cards holder + SSN and DOB. Perhaps in this category the holder’s Credit Card number or BIN (bank identification number) will also be indicated. There is no guarantee on the validity of the cards, the card number is provided in order to roughly assess the status of the holder using the BIN card;
Randon - Here are the random Full Info. Checked for the availability of complete information (First name, Last name, Address, Zip code, DOB, SSN).

[Busines Full Info]
Full info at most take the form:
(MerchantBankID|LegalName|DBAName|BusAddress|BusCity|BusState|BusZip|BusPhone|FedTaxID|BankRouteNumber|BankAcctNumber|OwnerName|OwnerDOB|OwnerSSN|BankName|, sometimes may be added | SalesVolume |. But also sometimes it can be absent: MerchantBankID| BankRouteNumber| BankAcctNumber| BankName. 95% Full Info still have all this information.

[Docs (photo)]
Photo holders documents received from their emails. They were stored either on the cloud or in sent messages.

DL (Driver License) 1 side - Photo / scan of the front side of the driver’s license;
DL (Driver License) 2 side - Photo / scan both sides of a driver's license;
DL (Driver License) +SSN - Photo / scan one or both sides of a driver's license Holder + photo / scan SSN;
Passport - Photo / scan of the holder's passport;
Passport + SSN - Photo / scan of the passport Holder + photo / scan SSN;
Tax Return (.pdf) - Tax report for a partial refund of paid taxes. Sent in a special form in PDF format. Sometimes there is an Accaunt and Routing number of a bank account. This document contains all information about the holder and close relatives and children, including the SNN number and the date of birth of each family member. Shows information about the holder's income for the year.

Prices are subject to change. For current prices at the time of purchase, see the bot itself.
[Full Info]:
Age - 0.4$;
State - 0.3$;
Gender - 0.3$;
Full info + DL - 2$;
Full info + BA (Rn An) - 1.5$;
Full info by Credit Card - 1.5$;
Randon - 0.2$.
[Docs (photo)]:
DL (Driver License) 1 side - 2$;
DL (Driver License) 2 side - 4$;
DL (Driver License) +SSN - 5$;
Passport - 2$;
Passport + SSN - 5$;
Tax Return (.pdf) - 2$.

In the case when there is no section in the bot, this means that at the moment this product is missing. When this category of goods appears, the bot will send a notification about the addition.

Rules are subject to change and supplement. The current rules you will find in the bot, in the FAQ".
1. Replacing Full info in case of:
- Invalid SSN, DOB, Adress;
- No SSN, DOB, Adress, First / Last name. We try to minimize such cases. But if such Full Info comes across then we replace it without problems.
Replacement is made by returning the cost of goods to the account balance in the bot.
2. Full info is not refunded:
- It did not work to get a loan in Paypal or another service;
- The holder already has a registered account in Paypal / Bank account / ...;
- The address is written as PO BOX;
- Missing phone number or email address.
3. Finance and money back:
- Add funds to your account, you agree that you have read and fully agree with them with these rules.
- In the first place from the account for purchases debited personal funds made by the user.
- Bonuses (in the case of any shares) are accrued to the total balance immediately, but are spent last (after the main balance has been spent).
- When replenishing, the funds will be displayed on the balance after the transaction receives 3 confirmations in the Bitcoin network.
- The btc rate is calculated at the exchange rate coinbase.com may slightly differ from the rate of your exchange / btc wallet up or down.
- Refunded personal funds are possible only if the account is completely blocked, as at the request of the client, as well as at the discretion of the administration (for example, a systematic violation of the rules).
- Refunds of funds are possible only with personal funds. All bonuses, if any, will be canceled.
- The refund can be from 10 minutes to 7 days.

For all questions and suggestions, please write to the contacts below.
For a wholesale purchase and / or for additional parameters, please write to the contacts below!
Telegram - https://t.me/x_card (@x_card).

Topic created exclusively for reviews and suggestions. I don’t conduct dialogues in the topic, if you want to discuss something, please write to the contacts above.
I wish you all a happy shopping and high profit!


New member
Sep 11, 2022
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Promotion until 10/10/22 we reduce prices in the bot @FullsNameBot
Standard price. ⏩ Promotion price.
Full Info Random.
0.2 $ ⏩ 0.1 $
Full Info with selection by state.
0.3 $ ⏩ 0.2 $
Full Info with selection by age.
0.4 $ ⏩ 0.3 $
Full Info with selection by gender.
0.3 $ ⏩ 0.2 $
Full Info + MMN
0.5 $ ⏩ 0.3 $
Full Info + DL.
2 $ ⏩ 1 $
Photo DL (1 side)
4 $ ⏩ 1.5 $
Photo DL (2 side)
5 $ ⏩ 3.5 $
Photo Passport/ID Card
4 $ ⏩ 1.5 $


New member
Sep 11, 2022
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➕Added new category "Full Info + DL + BA (Rn An) + Emp. Info" - 💸Price 3$.


New member
Sep 11, 2022
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A fresh database of Full Info of one of the hospitals in the state of Texas has appeared.
Database format: Name|Sex|DOB|SSN|Race|Language|Address|City|State|ZIP.
If necessary, you can get additional data such as height, weight, health complaints, the name of the attending physician, etc.
The bulk of the Fulls are residents of Texas, but there are also from other states. Age of patients from old people to children.
The cost is 0.5 $ for 1 piece without additional information. Additional information + 0.2 $.
Possibility to select by such filters: Sex; DOB; Race; Language; City; State; ZIP.
The price for wholesale from 500 pieces is negotiated individually.
To order, contact telegram @x_card (https://t.me/x_card)