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BigBlue has fresh dumps, cc's and wu service


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Jul 15, 2021
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BigBlue is a group of business man from UK, here to help people with desire to make some financial improvements in their life and to Enter the World of Money from their smart devices. We are in the carding business for about 5 years and now we've decided to share our success with people that just wants to earn some extra money and get more success and better results in this game. Our service is 100% anonymous, all data and messages, regarding your order is permanently deleted immediately after successfully confirmed order. All payments for our products and services are done via Bitcoin or Monero.

Start your order here: [email protected]

We offer:

We have people and abilities to get the highest quality credit and debit card dumps with PIN code included.
We are working with people, that are installing and maintaining skimmers on ATM's in some parts of EU and some parts of US, some parts of UAE and even a few Russian and Asian parts. With the purchase is also included our private high quality guide, in which there is everything you need to know about writing dumps on cards and best tips for using them + a piece of software needed for making the cards successfully every time.
The best quality dumps on the market, Guaranteed!
US Dump with PIN - $50
EU Dump with PIN - $60
UAE Dump with PIN - $70
Other/Random Dump with PIN - $40

Cloned Card
We are shipping cloned cards, the best quality ones! Each Cloned Card we offer comes with a minimum balance of $3500, We make the card for you and ship it to address you provide us, it's safe to ship to your address, as we ship each package very anonymously as phone accessories, always successfully without problems
Shipping is included in the price.
1 Cloned Card with PIN - $230
3 Cloned Cards with PIN - $625

CC'S with Fullz
We sell the most reliable and up-to-date credit and debit cards info on the market,
Our group manages a few online shopping sites to which databases we have complete access to and some file hosting sites, which are secretly installing keyloggers on victim's computers,
We also have some people that are working in customer support departments and are gathering bank cards with fullz along the way and selling them to us.
All our cards and dumps that we have for sale are new and were legitimately used by their owners in the past 3 months, all our databases older than 3 months are sold as wholesale to other vendors that are selling on markets and cc shops.
With the purchase is also included our private high quality cashout methods for crypto, giftcards, amazon, ebay, transfer from card, and many more, so you will have all the chances in the world to successfully cashout your cc's, also for bonus all packages come with clean socks5 proxys matching every card in the package for guaranteed cashout.
You can also request for certain Bins.
US Package with 10 cards (non vbv/msc) - $50
EU Package with 10 cards (non vbv/msc) - $60
UAE Package with 10 cards (non vbv/msc) - $70
Other/Random Package with 10 cards (non vbv/msc) - $40
US Package with 25 cards (vbv/msc) - $50
EU Package with 25 cards (vbv/msc) - $60
UAE Package with 25 cards (vbv/msc) - $70
Other/Random Package with 25 cards (vbv/msc) - $40

Carded Western Union Pickups and Bank Transfers
Western Union is a bitch, but if you have knowledge and skills to control it, it could be your bitch ;)
One of our guys has mastered Western Union methods over the years, but it has become harder and harder to card WU without proper setup and knowledge.
But we have the secret sauce!
Our team is always hard at work to make sure we always have legit, verified and security check passed WU accounts that are ready to send payments from,
We use highly complex script, that tricks the WU site into thinking all accounts are old and previously used, even if they were just created for dedicated CC, this is 100% without fail!
Until now we have been using this method for ourselves and people that we personally know and were in need for some financial boost,
but since this post, we are opening WU transfers to everybody who needs them;
Max amount for WU cashout that we can offer at this time is $300, as anything higher has high potential to cause problems and flags transaction as high risk, so
We offer two options:
$60 for $130 WU pickup/transfer
$125 for $300 WU pickup/transfer

For the paranoid:
It is completely safe to pickup using your real ID, as this is as close to legit non carded transfer as it can gets (courtesy of our script), of course money is still send from stolen cc, but we are very careful to only pick cc's with bins that are known for not having real time notifications for card transactions. If you want, you can also use fake ID for pickup, but we do not recommend it, as it can cause suspicions and problems if the ID you are using for pickup is not good quality.
When using bank account for the transfer, it is also safe using accounts under your real name. Using Revolut, N26, CashApp, Chime and similar online banks is more recommended opposed to "offline" banks as transactions are faster and usually less controlled by the banks. Bank transfers to online banks usually take 12-24 hours for the money to reflect on your account (in rare cases up to 48 hours), offline banks in most cases need around 24-48 hours. No chargebacks guaranteed with our method!
When ordering the transfer, you'll need to provide us with required info needed for transaction, depending on your country, check official WU site for more info: (https://www.westernunion.com/us/en/bank-account-transfer-details.html)

There is a limit on how many times you can use our WU service with same pickup info (ID) / bank account for security reasons: Max 2 transfers per week!

We mostly use cards from US or EU (depends on the country of the receiver) for our WU service

Why are we doing this?
We're constantly getting new databases very frequently, because this is our business plan, and there is no way that we can use all of the cards and data by ourselves, and the outcome of this is loss due to gained data getting close to 3 months old and then getting sold as wholesale for a cheaper price to cc shops, and they double the price for what it's actually worth (triple for what they got them) and the quality lowers as they get older, they deserve to be used as soon as they can and while they are still fresh, and our goal is to put an end to people getting ripped off on scammy cc shops (~97% of them) which are promising HQ cc's, which are honestly pretty hard to come by without proper management and good leadership of the team working behind this business. So the best way for all of us is to merge directly with you - carders/money makers. We want you to become our regular customers, and hopefully we stay in this for the long run, as this is the only way for us to put the data, that we work hard daily to get to it's intended use as the goal is to start a healthy business relationship, as it's much better that we sell approximately ~80% of our fresh cc's&dumps that don't get used immediately to active carders out there or beginners looking for a hit score. (in the package there is everything you need to know about carding and cashing out, even if you are a total beginner).
Regarding WU service, we are still doing it for our selfs and for our regular customers, but the problem is the safety limit per ID, we are getting short of our real and fake id's to pickup as we've been doing it for quite a while now and a pattern would be starting to show if we continue to do it this way as there is risks if there are too many transfers to same ID from different accounts almost every week, so now we are mostly doing WU bank transfers for ourselves as it's more easy to create a brand new bank account than getting a new fake ID, so that's why we are offering you our service at a fair price, win-win for all of us!

No time wasters, only serious people that are ready to do business!

BigBlue Group, 2021
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